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The mentor known as King

Said Makdar best known as Kanda King is known for his acts as a dancer. His career started in the 1990s when he used to go round clubs with his sister Princess Farida. He did his first show at club Boomerang in Westlands.

“I started with hip hop dancing but later changed. My favourite artiste was Kanda Bongoman so I decided to change my style and that is how it all came about,” Kanda King told NairobiNews.

He has produced songs and has a band that he works with during his shows. With Congo music gaining popularity in the country he has made a name for himself, even mentoring artistes like Kanda Junior and his own son Kanda Kid.

Incidentally, Kanda King’s original stage name was Kanda Kid.

“Kanda Junior has grown to be successful and I am very proud of him because he listened to everything I told him. His father was a great acrobat and he would have been proud to see his achievements.”

“I feel happy when I see Kanda Junior and Kanda Kid, my son who is only 11 years old, doing very well. I feel a great sense of pride that I am responsible for making them who they are right now,”  he said.

Although he has been in the game for very long, the king says he is not ready to retire and he will be on the dance floor for as long as he is able to dance.