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The day Parliament halted debate to discuss Passaris’ Louis Vuitton bag – VIDEO

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris became the subject of discussion in Parliament on Thursday as MPs engaged in a banter over her Louis Vuitton handbag.

It all started when Majority leader Adan Duale raised concerns over the type of bag Ms Passaris had carried to parliament.

“Mr Speaker, you have seen Honourable Passaris, she is carrying a very big bag on her back and I do not know how the security allowed her. We are not safe here Mr speaker, so she needs to show that handbag, it’s like somebody going on a safari it is not a lady’s handbag,” said Mr Duale.

His comments arose the curiosity of other members, causing Speaker Justin Muturi to request Ms Passaris to speak out.

Ms Passaris explained that she was carrying the backpack due to a medical condition and had been advised by her doctor to do so.


“Mr Speaker I do not know what it is with the majority leader he seems to be observant in everything that I do from the thermos now to my handbag. I have a problem with my back  and the doctor has advised that I balance the weight on my back so I am carrying a backpack,” responded Ms Passaris.

She further told Mr Duale to mind his own business as the contents of her bag are private.

Her explanation appeared not to have been sufficient enough, especially for the men in the house who also joined Mr Duale in the mischief.

Minority Leader John Mbadi asked for clarification whether backpacks are allowed in the chamber.

“Mr Speaker we need to be clear on the type of bags that are admissible in Parliament and I think it is a lady’s bag or a man’s wallet. So we need to be clear on what bags are admissible,” said Mr Mbadi.

Kitui MP Racheal Nyamai and Suba-North MPt Millie Odhiambo quickly came to the defence of Ms Passaris, accusing Mr Duale of being infatuated with the Nairobi Woman Representative.