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The child is mine, Itumbi publicly admits after court order

State House official Dennis Itumbi has admitted that he fathered a child who has been at the centre of maintenance lawsuit.

His admission follows an order by the Court to pay Sh 20,000 for the upkeep of the child he sired.

“The child is mine. May the child suckle with both cheeks. The best care, a father must offer a child is assured,” he wrote on Facebook.

The child is mine. May the child suckle with both cheeks.The best care, a father MUST offer a child is…

Posted by Dennis Itumbi on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Pressed on why he had refused to take responsibility in the first place, Itumbi responded: “Nothing sad about demanding truth and accepting it.”

The court ordered for the monthly upkeep after results of a DNA test, which Mr Itumbi had demanded, returned the verdict that he is the father of the baby girl. The court also allowed the parties to have an out-of-court settlement on the matter.

The mother had filed the case claiming Mr Itumbi deserted the child from birth and has refused to provide any form of support, knowing fully well that she is an orphan and had to stop working before giving birth.

The mother of the child, through family law advocate Enricah Dulo, says among their demands in the proposed out-of-court settlement deal is Sh50,000 monthly maintenance, a medical cover and school fees when minor starts school.

The aggrieved woman also wants to include Itumbi’s name in the minor’s birth certificate and has asked the court to order him to provide a copy of his national identity card.

The court heard that the two were in a relationship for one year, between January and August 2018, before they broke up.

Itumbi is said to have ended the relationship after learning about the pregnancy. The woman delivered a girl on June 14, 2019.