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Ten rules observed at Buckingham Palace

A recent interview by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, indicates life as a member of the Royal Family is anything but straightforward, even as a statement on behalf of the Queen denies racism exists at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Sparkle courted headlines in an interview with renowned American talk show host and author Oprah Winfrey, claiming she’d entertained suicidal thoughts after joining the Royal family owing to a number of challenges she faced.

Meghan’s claims aside, Nairobi News shares some of the rules and responsibilities that come with being a member of the Royal Family.

1. Ban on board games – Royal Kids are banned from playing board games, especially monopoly. It is believed the rules of the game might ‘politically’ spoil the young ones.

2. Must learn Spanish – The Royal family travels very frequently, so members need to speak different languages. The children are required to learn Spanish at a very young age since Spanish is considered the second most spoken language around the world. Young Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already learned a bit of Spanish.

3. Strict dress code – The dress code is another strict rule that both adults and children must obey. Little boys have to wear shorts during royal events and are only allowed to wear full pants once they are 8 years old. 5-year-old Princess Charlotte isn’t allowed to wear fancy nail paints or bright colored nail paints

4. Travel on separate planes – The children are also not allowed to travel with their father on the same plane because the crown’s successor and their successors can’t be risked on the same journey together.

5. Festive plans – The children can’t choose where they will spend Christmas. The queen wants the children to be present at Buckingham palace on Christmas, though the rule has been disobeyed before when Prince William and Kate took the kids to visit Kate’s family on one Christmas.

6. Meal etiquette  -There are basic etiquettes that children must follow during meals. They should know which hand to hold the fork in and also how to fold napkins.

7. No nicknames – Nicknames are highly forbidden in the royal family. The children are banned from labeling or giving each other nicknames.

8. Security – The little ones can’t also stay in school on their own. They always have a security force outside their classrooms hence they can’t skip school and wander around the school like the other normal kids. This rule is strict and non-negotiable.

9. Body language – There are also strict regulations regarding the body language of the kids at royal events. Their posture must remain standard and classy, they aren’t allowed to slouch lazily or tuck their hands in their pockets casually. They must stand with a straight spine. Young princess Charlotte isn’t allowed to cross her legs while sitting just like other ladies in the royal family.

10. Choice of words – Some words such as ‘pardon’, ‘posh’ or ‘heaven forbid’ are strictly not allowed. These words are considered ‘low class’ to say. If the children need to go to the bathroom, instead of asking where to find the bathroom, they must ask where ‘the lavatory’ is.