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What would you tell the emergency pill? Women’s hilarious responses

Nairobi women on Tuesday shared their hilarious sentiments with regards to the emergency pill on a popular Facebook group.

In a post started by a Kilimani Mum’s Nairobi Uncensored member, the user asked women what they would tell the e-pill.

“If you could have a word with this pill what could you tell it,” the user captioned a photo of the e-pill.

Other members went on to share their experiences with the emergency pill that when taken within 72 hours after sex can prevent pregnancy.

“Thax to u I have one handsome baby boy tat I didn’t know existed… he completes my life,” said one members.

Another one lamented, “It messed up my hormones… I tried to conceive for soo long, I had to balance my period to get pregnant.”


“Its good you slept on your job I have a beautiful and adorable daughter… lakini siku ingine you have to deliver on your mandate nkt, eish hata nimekumbuka I fired you,” wrote another member.

One user questioned: “Can’t you be a loyal friend? Why fail when needed the most?”

In the past manufacturers have shared tips on how to tell if the Postinor 2 sold in local chemists is genuine as the back part of the box has an area that when scratched reveals a bar code for original pills.

Women have been relying on the pill to prevent pregnancies and some due to use of the imitations have ended up pregnant.

A Kilimani Mums member commented: “Thanks for failing to work the first time I used you. I now have a lovely prince. But I hope you work this time round, he’s still too young to have a sister.”

“You should work in my system for a solid year… three days??????” another member commented in reference to the e-pill’s recommended time to prevent pregnancy.