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Teen recounts horror of waking up in collapsed Makongeni building

Sixteen-year old Caroline Mwau is yet to recover from the shock of waking  up to the sight of being surrounded by debris as neighbours made frantic efforts to pull her from the rubble.

The building in Makongeni is reported to have collapsed at around 3am Wednesday. Over 30 families are believed to have been living in the building.

Ms Mwau was among the first casualties to be rescued from the collapsed building and rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital.

She was injured on the left leg and back  and was discharged after being attended to.

She had been living with her sister on second floor for about seven months. Her sister escaped unhurt.

Ms Mwau says she did not hear the building collapsing, but was awakened by shouts of rescuers.

She says additional floors were being constructed  on building, though it had not shown signs of instability.

The building was still under construction and tenants had moved into the ground, first and second floors.

St Johns ambulance said 10 people buried in the rubble had been pulled out.