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Tassia residents decry slow, poor road construction works – VIDEO

Residents in Tassia residents in Embakasi East have accused a contractor currently re-carpeting a road in the estate of doing a shoddy job and delaying construction works, thus causing them inconveniences.

The construction of the approximately three-kilometer road started in October last year even though residents say they were promised it would be completed in three weeks.

Six months later, and the job is nowhere nearing completion, adding that their representatives have also been kept in the dark over the project.

Residents add that they are not aware of whether it is Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), or the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) representatives who selected the contractor.

The residents want the NMS to intervene and clarify on the identity of the contractor, stop diversion of the road from the original map and ensure quality work is done without delays.

“The contractor has actually done more harm than good. They have been digging up and leaving open potholes on the road making some parts of it worse than it was before they started working on it,” said a resident.

“Most of what we see is casual workers using mattocks to dig the drainage and carrying soil with wheelbarrows,” Mutune said.

Former Embakasi East CDF chairman Milton Eboyi said Kenya Urban Roads Authority should stop the project, allow public participation so that residents can be heard and their interests considered.

Eboy said the contractor has been hoodwinking the residents that works are ongoing but too little has been done for the period. He urged KURA to supervise to ensure quality work is done.

“If there was public participation, some of the things we are seeing like drainage being put in the middle of the road won’t be happening,” Eboyi said.

“They are pouring murram on garbage and we know this is going to tear out after a very short time and that is why we want KURA to intervene and stop this shoddy work.”