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You don’t have to take off your clothes for you to cheat on your spouse

I was at a bridal shower recently when one of the ladies made a very interesting remark. She revealed how, at a similar event, single women were singled out and told to just keep quiet when the time to give the bride-to-be advice came, reason being that they wouldn’t have any experience to share with her about the married state.

A single woman quickly shut down that mentality and revealed that it is they who spend the most time with married men, and hence knew more about them than their wives.

“When they fight with their wives and are in a bad mood, we know it and even know how to make them smile again. We know that their wives are too busy to pack for them lunch when they come to work, so we carry one for them.

We even notice when they come to work with creased shirts, we can even buy them new ones, just to keep them looking good,” the narrator of the story recalled.


A lady, in fact the bride-to-be in our event, chimed in and said how a female colleague of hers carries an extra bowl of fruit salad for her male colleague, who is in a long distance relationship. She seemed very disgusted by the obvious flirtation going on between the two.

Among the topics we discussed that day was how, as married women, we should learn to turn down overtures that could lead to unfaithfulness on our part.

If a stranger bought me a drink or a meal at a restaurant, I would probably just say thanks and move on. I’m sure maybe more women would react the same.

The problem, I think, is not strangers coming on to you. The main reason a woman would stray from her marriage would probably start in the office.

Girls, do you have a favourite colleague of the opposite sex? Does this person remember your birthday, know when you are in a bad mood and even knows how to bring you out of that funk?


Do you find yourself spending a lot of time with a particular person and even opting to spend more time with them outside the office?

Do you see funny jokes and think of telling them first, before even you own spouse. Do you find yourself confiding in them, even going as far as telling them personal and marital problems?

It is so easy to get a work girlfriend or boyfriend, but these relationships can easily cross the boundary. If you find yourself answering yes to the above questions, re-evaluate your relationship with both that person and your spouse.

You may have to break off that relationship, before things go too far and perhaps even tell your partner about it, for accountability’s sake.

Having friends is okay and is encouraged, but keep in mind that you do not have to take off your clothes for you to cheat on your partner.