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Suspected serial killer linked to gruesome murders of women arrested

A suspected serial killer linked to the gruesome murders of women in Isiolo County has been arrested.

The suspect was arrested by a multi-agency team in Timau, Meru County, before being taken to Isiolo Police Station where he is presently being held.

In two separate instances in 2019, the suspect allegedly killed women and cut out their private parts before burying them.

According to police in Isiolo, the bodies of at least two women, murdered similarly and both linked to the suspect, were recovered in Bulapesa and Wabera.

As part of their investigations, the police are still searching for more bodies as they still believe the suspect killed more women in the area.

Speaking to journalists, Isiolo County Commissioner Harman Shambi, urged members of the public to report similar bizarre cases of murder to aid in the investigations.