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Sunset is the start of the day at Donholm street

As the evening sunrays assault buildings at Donholm, shoes-sellers prepare to wring cash from residents.

To be able to get a share of the content of the pockets, cleanliness tops their list of priorities.

They clean their work space and sprinkle water on the paths to reduce dust.

They also polish the shoes before they are put on display. And their timing is perfect. It is when Nairobians are going back home after a long day’s work.

To attract customers, they will have their counterparts who sell music CDs or Afro-Cinema DVDs near them.

Karibu dada. Tuko na viatu size yako” (Welcome sister, we have shoes that can fit you).

I sought to find out why they only carry out their sales in the evening.

“That is when most people are coming back from work and it is when one can easily buy shoes, sneakers or sandals,” said Moses Kariuki.

Others are in the business of a side hustle.

“I’m a civil servant in town and whenever there is not much work in the office, I rush here to sell shoes,” said a man who wanted to remain anonymous.

The traders sell second-hand shoes popularly known as mitumba.    They are usually sold for between Sh500 and Sh1,200, depending on the type and size.

All prices are negotiable.

“Unlike supermarkets and other big shops, there is no fixed price in our market. You can only fix the price at your own risk. Haggling is the order of the day,” said Ken Mureithi.