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STYLE BY SHARY: Warm and Fabulous

This post is inspired by the recent bipolar Nairobi weather when mornings are cold, afternoons are uncomfortably hot and evenings characterized by rain. I found this cute little sweater at a shop in Yala Towers in town and I couldn’t resist doing a post about it.

Warm 5

Such sweaters are ideal for this weather because they’re not too heavy, so you can have them on when its sunny and they’re not too light either so they can keep you warm when it gets chilly.

Warm 3

What I loved the most about this sweater apart from the color (since I am a black and white person) is how it fit. It falls over my shoulder just right and it’s not too baggy so my outfit doesn’t look sloppy.

Warm 4

I paired it with simple black tights that I stole from my mum. I’m sure all of us have such tights lying around somewhere in our closets considering how you can pair them with anything and get them from anywhere for as low as 50 shillings.

Warm 5

You could also opt for jeans instead of tights then pair them with boots for a rainy cold look or tuck the sweater into a fitting midi skirt for a classy look that you can even wear to work.

For the shoes I went with black Steve Madden pumps that were a birthday gift from a friend. You could however choose to go with boots as I had mentioned earlier or sneakers for a day look.

Warm 6

Get yourself a couple of sweaters and you’ll be good to go for this rainy season. I’m currently planning on getting more of such cute sweaters with different colors and prints from thrift stores and show you guys how to keep warm in them and still look fabulous! In the meantime, hope you guys enjoyed this post and as usual, please feel free to leave a comment.

Yours Fashionably,