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Student’s travel firm thrives

Like father like son. That easily sums up the story of Mr Brian Mburu Gitau who started doing small businesses back in high school — having learnt from his trader father from an early age .

Together with a friend, Mr Mburu would design, print and sell T-shirts to fellow students, besides supplying shops in town.

His father, who is a successful businessman, saw the drive his son had in making money even when he lacked nothing at home and registered a company on his behalf.

When the young man was 18, his father transferred all the rights of Brisma Tours and Travel to him and he took over the responsibility of running it. For the seven years now, Mr Mburu has been in business and has had a bumpy ride as he put it.

Getting capital to buy vans to complement the business has been a hard nut to crack. In addition, getting skilled labour and striking partnerships with big organisations had not been easy, he said.

“Being young (he is 23) has its downside, especially when I go pitching for a contract to an organisation run by older people,” said the chief executive of Brisma Tours and Travel.

“It is hard to convince them that I can deliver in spite of my age,” Mr Mburu said.

However, Mr Mburu said the experiences had taught him valuable lessons such as perseverance and strong will to pursue his goals regardless of the obstacles.

He has been able to grow his tours and travel firm to an establishment that now attracts business people.

He emerged the first runners-up of the YouWin Awards, an entrepreneurial scheme contest designed for business people aged between 18 and 45 years, held last month.

His company organises expeditions or holidays and tickets for its customers besides running a taxi business on the side.

Brisma Tours can handle over ten clients demanding various services the business offers, per day.

Marketing the company keeps Mr Mburu busy and that reflects directly to the firm’s returns.

Running marketing campaigns, attending tourism fairs, travelling abroad, especially in America to build a partnership with various groups and companies are some of the undertakings he has had to do for Brisma to reach where it is today.

The firm’s main offices are in Ong’ata Rongai, where Mr Mburu runs the business with the help of seven employees.

Mr Mburu, a third-year student of Moi University pursuing a Bachelors degree in tourism and events management encourages young people to follow their dreams.

“If you want to start a business, start small and grow as there will never be enough capital for any venture,” said Mr Mburu.