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Kenya’s adorable street couple back in the gutter after amazing transformation

A street couple who wowed Kenyans following a remarkable moreover on Valentine’s Day are said to be struggling to make ends meet, even with their first child due for delivery.

It all started when a Nairobi based photographer took random pictures of the couple and shared them online.

When well-wishers responded by sponsoring their makeover for a proper Valentine’s Day shoot, the couple, Sammy Githae and Zipporah Njeri, turned into overnight online sensations.


Generous gifts, holiday trips and even a house, whose rent was paid for by the well-wishers for a six month, soon followed.

But barely six month later, the couple has now relocated to a village in Limuru having since fallen on hard times.

The Nairobi street couple who benefited from a Valentine's Day shoot makeover. PHOTO | COURTESY
The Nairobi street couple who benefited from a Valentine’s Day shoot makeover. PHOTO | COURTESY


During a recent interview on local TV station, Sammy explained that the decision to relocate was as a result of his fruitless efforts to find a job to enable him take care of his wife.

“Sai namchapia kwanza aende mushatha kwa sababu maneno ni noma. Tulioana, keja tukapata wera ikabaki ikiwa ni ngori. Maisha ikachange mwezi moja sio mwaka (Things are really tough and I’ve told her that our only option is to relocate. Yes, we got married, got a house, but I’ve remained jobless. Our lives only changed for one month),” Sammy said.


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The two are now seeking for assistance once more as Sammy says he has been forced to preach in town to be able to get a few coins to buy food. Still, the situation is not looking good.

Sammy’s desire is to raise enough capital, through the help of well wishers, to enable him start a clothes business.

“Job natafuta ni ati niingie Gikomba nishike zile clads za Maswagg halafu msee ajitolee nipate place sitasumbuliwa na kanjo. Nipate tu biashara yangu kwa sababu hii raundi pahali tunaelekea bibi yangu ni kama ako na mimba, (I’d wish to start a clothes business at a place where I’ll not be bothered by county askaris. I’m really concerned because my wife is now expectant),” he said.