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STUDY: Staring at women’s boobs is among 6 ways men can live longer

The secret that the entire humanity has been trying to unlock is how to live long and happy lives. Science has now found the key to success for men to live longer.

So here are the six ways the men can live longer according to various studies:

1. Stare at boobs – It may seem like an inconvenience or an invasion of privacy to many women, but staring at boobs creates a positive mindset in men. The same effect occurs when they look at cute animals.

2. Have lots of sex – This is what every man wants to hear, but there is a good reason for it. A study in the BMJ found that sex could decrease a man’s mortality rate by as much as 50 percent. It is all down to sex promoting physical well-being, as well as being a stress reliever — which can help reduce the likeliness of illness. Not to mention sex releases serotonin, the happy hormone, which makes us feel better overall. In the study, life expectancy increased by three to eight years in the group who reported more orgasms.

3. Get married – Not something everyone would have thought of, especially those who refer to their wives as their “ball and chain.” Research has shown that married men do live longer. But it also depends on the age at which they get married. A survey of more than 127,000 Americans found men who got married after they were 25 were likely to live longer than those who married young.

4. Have kids – It seems like a natural progression here but men who marry and have kids live longer than those who don’t. A study in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health found that when parents reached age 60, men with kids saw their life expectancy go up two years while women increased by 1.5 years. By the age of 80, men with kids were expected to live eight months longer than those without kids.

5. Be responsible – A sense of responsibility can do wonders. A study in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered older people in nursing homes who were given a plant to care for had improved socialization, alertness and general function.

6. Get a ‘dad body’ – Most men gain a bit of weight after they have kids, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The book How Men Age argues that chubby men are less likely to suffer a heart attack or prostate cancer and are more likely to invest their time in their children. Author Richard G. Bribiescas says their increased fat levels also make them more attractive to women which will help with the above tips.