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Wasuna floors Bolo to become new vice chair in stormy Gor elections

Veteran official Francis Wasuna beat outgoing Treasurer Sally Bolo in a heated contest to clinch the vice-chairperson post during virtual Gor Mahia elections held on Saturday Morning.

Wasuna garnered 226 votes out of a possible 389 while Bolo only managed 163.

Dolphina Odhiambo of Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund is the new treasurer after getting 286 votes, flooring academician Dr Chrispine Okoth who got a paltry 103.

Wasuna and Odhiambo now join Ambrose Rachier and media owner Sam Ochola who were elected unopposed at the club nominations exercise as chairman and secretary-general respectively.

Electoral board Chairman Henry Ogoye announced the results at the tallying centre in Parklands Sports club on Saturday morning.

However, chaos broke out when Bolo stormed the centre claiming that the exercise was not fair.

She engaged the agents and tried to access a team of IT experts who were tallying the result but was repulsed and thrown out of the hall by hawk-eye guards.

Ogoye said the exercise was above board and was witnessed by representatives from Football Kenya Federation, Kenya Premier League and Registrar of Sports.

“We will now have to do a report of the election to the club and the Registrar of sports then we shall have accomplished our mandate,” said Ogoye.

However, Okoth told Nairobi News that he will go to court saying his IT expert was denied access to the system.

He also added that the board has refused to give them the logins of how the votes were casted.

“Our opponents were favoured and our IT experts were harassed. The system was set that our opponents had more votes than us even before the exercise began. I will be heading to court to challenge the outcome of the elections,” he added.

The academician also says they will report to the police the assault on Bolo by one of the agents at the polling stations.

The newly elected officials will serve for a period of four years.