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I didn’t bring coronavirus to Africa so expect no funds from me – Adebayor

Togo forward Emmanuel Adebayor has told his fans that he would not contribute towards the current medical pandemic in his homeland because he is not the one “who brought the coronavirus to Togo”.

The former Arsenal star who is currently based in Paraguay at Olimpia club made the comments during an interview with his fans on Facebook Live.

He also said it was not fair for people to compare him with other African football greats including Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba.

“I always do things according to the wishes of my heart and not according to the words of others,” he explained.

“I am sorry people compare me to my friends Eto’o and Drogba by asking me why I don’t have a foundation and why I don’t donate as if I am the one who brought the coronavirus to Togo.”

“I am Sheyi Adebayor, I am neither of these and will never be. I will not contribute. Thank you and good day.”

Drogba recently handed over his hospital in Abidjan to be used for treating coronavirus patients, while Eto’o has also been at the frontline of assisting struggling families.