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Sports Ministry to employ Fifa recommendations to end FKF, KPL feud

Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario has said that he will be guided by the Fifa report compiled by Robert Niemann in crafting a conclusive end to the raging squabbles between Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenyan Premier League limited.

Wario on Friday told Nairobi News that he has planned a final meeting with the two warring factions on Monday morning, and that he is optimistic that a lasting solution will be arrived at.

“I did not invite Fifa officials here. FKF had them come over and they gave their recommendations which is to retain the 16-team league format for now. I am having a meeting with the leaders of both parties on Monday to find a final solution, and we shall be guided solely by the Fifa document,” Wario said.

Wario admitted that he has not met officials of FKF and KPL in one sitting, and but said he is optimistic that a solution will be found this time round.


“Twice, I have tried to get representatives of the two bodies together, but FKF chairman has had engagements on both occasions. We let the federation run its affairs in its capacity, and in our Monday meeting I am sure that a final solution will be reached,” he said.

Waario dodged the question of whether or not the government would consider disbanding FKF if an amicable solution is not reached, only saying that he does not want to preempt the outcome of Monday’s joint meeting.

“I do not want to give room for speculation because there are guiding factors that we shall use to find the way forward, but if that happens to be the only viable solution then we shall take it,” he said.

Cabinet secretary distanced himself with the FKF Premier league set to begin on Saturday saying that he has not received any official communication of the commencement of any league yet.