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Sonko spots new Uhuruto hairdo

Senator Mike Sonko showed up at the ICC proceedings this week sporting a ‘Uhuruto not guilty’ hairstyle.

Whether it was to make a statement or to show his allegiance to the Jubilee government, his new hairdo screamed it all.

Among the words on his head were ‘No 2 ICC’, ‘Uhuruto not guilty’ and ‘Peace’.

The flamboyant senator posted the photos on his official Facebook page adding the words ‘God answers prayers.’

This comes days after the senator wore tattered jeans to an official government function that left the President and his Deputy in stitches.

The Nairobi senator was among other politicians who attended the ICC proceedings that kicked off at The Hague on Wednesday.

In the photos he posted on his Facebook page, he was in the company of Journalist Joshua Sang whose court hearing commenced on Thursday.