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Sonko speaks out on alleged drug dealings

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has come out to allay speculation on the source of his wealth, insisting he has never engaged in any illegal narcotics business.

The flashy politician said his core business is in real estate and the transport industry.

“I have never dealt in drugs. I have never been charged for any drug-related offence… I make clean money, I pay taxes,” Senators Sonko said during a bare-it-all interview with Citizen TV on Friday.

“You can make million, even billions from real estate. And I owned matatus in Buruburu even before I got into politics,” said the Senator, who went ahead to reveal that he makes approximately Sh 6 million a month from his matatu business.

The Senator, known for his showmanship and theatrics, said he is not about to withdraw his controversial security detail which has been accused of displaying high calibre rifles and roughing up the public.


“Even in the Police Act, at some point you are allowed to scare away your enemies,” he said.

He also said he will continue financing his ‘Sonko Rescue Team’ that comprises of ambulances, hearses and four Land Rover (Discovery) security patrol cars.

The ‘Rescue Team’ also comprises of a fleet of three H2 Hummers, four Mercedes Benzes (New S Class Model) and Sonko’s personal bling-plated Land Cruiser which are availed freely for couples holding weddings.

“I will keep doing this until State House tells me to stop,” he said.

“Before I joined politics, I used to pay fees for students, I used to give free transport to bereaved families. So this is nothing new. It’s part of giving back to Nairobi people.”


“I am not saving anything for my children because of my love for Nairobians. I am also doing this because the county government has failed in service delivery,” he said.

He also revealed that he has gone back to school to attain a University degree which is a requisite requirement for those seeking gubernatorial seats.

“I made my first million when I was in high school. But 20 years later I have decided to do back to school. You have to have education to be a leader,” he said.