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Sonko, Waititu trolled for sending ‘identical’ congratulatory messages to Uhuru

Congratulatory messages to President Uhuru Kenyatta from two county governments and an anti-corruption body have rattled Kenyans online.

This after Kiambu and Nairobi County governments bought space in the dailies to congratulate the president with messages that were strikingly similar.

The two county adverts accompanied by side by side photos of the President, his deputy and the respective county governors were shared side by side online as users discussed their necessity and cost implications.

Nancy Kay wrote, “Wooi! Plagiarism among governors… aki na vile residents wa Nairobi na Kiambu mumesoma halafu your governors all they do is copy from one another just a simple message to say congratulations! Abeg!! I feel your embarrassment… everything about this gvt is second hand!!”

@dNjalale noted, “Even the typo #exellencies…#illegitimacyreloaded.”

Onze Pat wrote, “When international recognition is hard to come by…unachukua ya wakahare na sonko ukisonga.”

Some chose to express their disappointment using memes.

A congratulatory message from the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission also provoked reactions.

The message in a paid advertisement by the commission also had a message to those who will serve in the government to exercise wisdom but skipped the integrity question that the commission is charged to uphold.

ODM Communications Director Philip Etale wrote, “My good Archbishop Emeritus Rev. Wabukala enters the Guinness Book of Records as the first head of Anti-Corruption body to side with the govt publicly. A govt accused of grand corruption and management of public resources. How then will he fight govt corruption. Sisi kama jamii.”

Daniel Ochieng claimed, “If you still believe in church leaders then you are doomed. In Kenya society church leaders do worship wealth.”

Louise Djemba commented, “A simple congratulatory message would do. He went over board, betraying his own bigotry and sycophancy. So bad this is our @EACCKenya.”