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Sonko kicks off major clean-up to rid city of filth

Nairobi County has embarked on a major clean-up campaign aimed at getting rid of piles of garbage and making the city one of the cleanest in Africa.

Governor Mike Sonko said this was part of a major cleanliness drive dubbed ‘operation ng’arisha jiji’.

“My mission as Governor is to completely transform and restore Nairobi’s past glory as one of the cleanest cities in Africa. I have ordered the dispatch of more than 50 trucks to immediately begin this task,” said Sonko.


The operation has been intensified across all sub-counties in Nairobi with the sole aim of clearing the mounds of garbage that have lately become an eyesore across the city.

The exercise has so far been carried out in Kwa Reuben slums, Imara Daima estate, Kariokor, City Park, Wakulima and Burma markets and Machakos Country Bus Station.

The work entails unblocking the sewer lines, removal of campaign posters, clearing mounds of garbage and promoting responsible garbage disposal.

“Let us be responsible citizens, and in the end, together with my county government, our city will be the cleanest in Africa. The journey has just begun. We mean business,” he said.


The Governor also said that the county had plans to introduce digital waste bins that send signals when they are full with garbage.

Meanwhile, Mr Sonko said that the county will hire street children to help in cleaning up the city centre for which the county government will pay them the equivalent of one month’s rent.

However, they will have to quit drugs and crime first and promise not to return to the streets before being hired, the governor said.

“I hope when I hire you, you will not disappoint me because I am committed to working with you. I will pay your rent for one month but make sure you do not come back to the streets,” said Mr Sonko when he hosted a group of street children at City Hall on Thursday.