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Why Sonko has bought Raila three Probox cars

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says he has bought three Toyota Probox cars to help National Super Alliance presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga transport his mattresses to Bondo as he retires from politics.

Speaking during a Jubilee rally at Kericho Moi garden, he claimed that Mr Odinga had made it clear during his campaigns that he would resign if he (Sonko) won the Nairobi governorship seat.

“Mr Odinga said he would quit politics if Sonko won the Nairobi governorship. Now he has done that but he is only afraid to announce,” said Mr Sonko.


“Raila has lived in Nairobi since 1982 and worked hard to disturb the leadership of three Presidents. Since he has accepted to resign, I as Nairobi governor have found it kind to buy him three Proboxes. They are already at Uhuru Park to carry his mattresses and other belonging to Bondo,” he added.

He claimed that the “man of riddles” was being punished by God because his tricks had backfired on him.

The governor said that majority of Kenyans decided that President Uhuru Kenyatta would lead for a second term.

But Mr Odinga went to Supreme Court which subsequently decided that the elections were flawed.

“We respected that, but our competitors are not ready. Why should we respect the court whereas those who went to court don’t want to respect?” He posed.