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Sonko: I could be an MCA or Opposition leader in 2022

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says he is yet to make up his mind whether or not to run for Deputy Presidency in the 2022 General Election.

Sonko has also said that his earlier assertion that he would be serving as Nairobi governor for a single term should not be misconstrued to mean he has set his sight on the second highest seat in the country in the next elections.

“Saying that I want to be a one term governor does not mean that I want to be deputy president or the president. Let me do my work and let it speak for me and only God knows what the future holds,” said Sonko on Monday.

The flamboyant governor further said he could even run as a Member of County Assembly (MCA) or as opposition leader, two seats he has not held before as he has served as an MP, Senator and now Governor.

“It is not only being DP that is out there. I can also be MCA or leader of the Opposition. These are positions I have never held. It is just politics,” he said.


He also refuted claims that he was against the Metropolitan Bill but rather clauses which are meant to usurp his powers as Nairobi’s supremo and those taking away revenue from the county.

“I am not against the Metropolitan Bill as it will help me in decongesting the city, garbage problems, jam, hawkers and transport but it was not properly consulted,” he said.

Governor Sonko said that he had reached out to the President over the Bill and the Head of State had promised to address his concerns before the Bill is passed.

“I told the President and he has no problem even the deputy president. The president said that the Bill be withdrawn, we have consultation and public participation and all those clauses usurping my powers be removed and then the Bill be passed,” said Sonko.