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Son of one time most wanted criminal shot dead

The son of one a once most wanted criminal in Kenya was on Friday gunned down by police in Jericho estate, Nairobi.

Described by police as Nairobi’s most wanted criminal the slain suspected identified as Shimoli Junior was the son to Edward Maina Shimoli alias ‘Carlos the Jackal’ who was arrested and jailed, then gunned down shortly after he finished his prison term on 2007.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Buru Buru DCI boss Jeremiah Ikiao said the suspect had been terrorising mostly sportsmen and fans near and around Camp Toyoyo Stadium in Jericho estate.

“Two of his accomplices managed to escape towards Kiambiu slums with gunshot wounds and police are pursuing them,” the police boss said.

According to Mr Ikiao, the gang mostly targeted people after coming from the stadium after matches. Police recovered a revolver with two rounds of ammunition.


The suspect’s late father topped the police list of wanted criminals with 88 rape incidents and 14 murders linked to him.

For several years, he managed to evade arrest and even when he was once nabbed his fellow gang members staged a daring rescue mission for him from a maximum security prison in 1996.

He was finally rearrested and charged in court although the prosecution failed to prove all the charges against him.

He was jailed for 12 years for illegal possession of a firearm and a few years later, he reluctantly walked out of prison a free man having served time.

At the time of his released, he feared that the police would execute him once he got out. True to his fears, he died under a hail of bullets alongside five other people along Kangundo road in 2007.