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Kenyan MP’s son wanted in Tanzania for jumping bail

A son of a Kenyan Member of Parliament is wanted in Tanzania for jumping bail in a fatal road accident case in which a woman lost her life.

Henry Njuguna, the son of Gatanga MP Humphrey Kimani Njuguna, is said to have caused a fatal road accident during this year’s Easter holiday. A Kenya Airways employee, only identified as Viviane, died in the accident.

But it has now emerged that the young Njuguna jumped bailed and is now wanted by Tanzanian authorities.

To further complicate the matter, Ms Charity Githinji, a Kenyan living in Tanzania who stood bail for the MP’s son, is also now facing a legal suit.

On Thursday, Ms Githinji highlighted her plight on Facebook following Mr Njuguna’s failure to appear in court.


“All I want I want is for him (Njuguna) to come back and face the law because as we speak Tanzanian authorities have all my documents and are threatening to arrest me,” Ms Githinji told Nairobi News in telephone interview from Tanzania.

Ms Charity also claims that her efforts to reach the MP have proved futile.

“I have been trying to get in touch with his father but all in vain, all my phone calls have gone answered for the past month,” she said.

“Our brothers from Tanzania were ready to sort out the issue amicably but he has decided they are not worth his time. I stood bail upon being asked by his father and the Kenyan Embassy in Dar to help,” Ms Githinji added in a Facebook post.

Ms Githinji said she has been compelled to make the matter public in an effort to have the legislator’s son returned to Tanzania, as she now stares at a legal suit.

Nairobi News tried to reach the legislator to seek clarification on the matter but all our phone calls went unanswered.