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Someone has told angel borrowers what we’ve all always wanted to about M-Pesa

A Facebook user has become a hero of sort after her real-talk to creditors became a hit among her friends.

The user by the name Kwambokah Betty Olela penned a frank letter to people who borrow money, and it is sent via M-Pesa.

The letter was captioned: “Debtors you are hereby forewarned.”

“Dear debtors, Let’s all try to be honest with one another this time round. If you call and ask me to lend you Ksh2,000 and with all my generousity I send it to your via M-Pesa, kindly note that below is the amount you are required to send back when repaying:” wrote Olela.

She then went on to do the calculations that included the Sh2,000 debt, Sh40 transfer fee and Sh27 withdrawal charges.

“Not Sh2,000!” she warned. The picture of the letter has been shared several times and attracted dozens of comments.


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