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Socialite Corazon shares legal tips on how to avoid getting sued for boyfriend’s criminal mess

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has given her fans free legal advice on how to avoid being an accessory to crimes committed by their partner.

Just to clear the air, Corazon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law (Second Class Upper)  in 2014 from the University of Nairobi. She subsequently joined the Kenya School of Law and was advocates admitted to the bar in 2016 by Chief Justice David Maraga.

In a lengthy post on social media, the socialite schooled her fans on the implications of being accused to being an accessory to a crime, and went ahead to give the steps on how to protect themselves.

Below is her full post.

ACCESSORY TO A CRIME In criminal law, helping or contributing to a crime is as criminal as actively and actually committing the crime.  You can be criminally prosecuted along with the perpetrator (the person who did the criminal act) for
1. Coming up with the idea
2. Commanding someone to commit a crime
3. Hiring someone to commit a crime for you
4. Instigating a crime
5. Giving advice on how to commit a crime
6. Covering the crime, whether before or after it’s done.

So what do you do if you are aware that your partner is about to commit a crime or has committed a crime to avoid being an accessory avoid prosecuted?

1. Make a report to the police.
2. Convince the ‘criminal’ to go forward.
Do not try to be ride or die or you will be riding together to prison. In case you failed to make a report here are some of the defences
1. Mistake of fact; where you make a genuine mistake as to what you friend or partner did or was about to do. E.g they asked to borrow a knife and you give them thinking they are going to chop tomatoes but they butcher their wife with it.
2. Abandonment; if you stopped offering your help on time and therefore making it hard or impossible for the principal to commit the crime.
3. Withdrawal; ‘I didn’t help because it was wrong, and I tried to take away the gun so he wouldn’t kill her.