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Social media buzz as Kenyans scrum to watch ‘Imenti House’ video

If you have logged into social media, then you probably have come across the ‘Imenti House’ bandwagon that has been trending in Kenya from Sunday night.

It is the excitement surrounding a leaked sex tape that found its way to the internet and netizens have been having a field day with it.

The video captures two adults engaging in sex in what looks like a clothing store.

Just to clear the air, the video was not shot at Imenti House, Nairobi. It was shot in America and posted on Twitter way back in April 2018 by a user who has a lot of pornography on his timeline.

This however has not stopped social media wags from making the most of the video and coming up with memes and hilarious comments. It has even inspired a netizen to sing a song about it.

“Sawa hi imenti house imekuwa tourist attraction,” said Benjamin Kimeu.

“We as the Skinny Men Association claim responsibility of the attack which took place at Imenti House,” tweeted General Osumo.

“Anyone in town i grab you some lunch… nko apa imenti house! #imentihouse,” wrote RoyWaswa.

“Other things aside, the imenti House video offers so many lessons for so many couples. We can learn a lot as a country. Look at the guy’s “composure;” calm, slow, and he is aware of what he’s doing. Watch her “give it all” to him. This video should be archived,” suggested Anthony Tito.

“Kidogo kidogo utaskia Jimmy Gaits au willy poze ati ” Binguni hakuna Imenti house”,” claimed ChrisneshCM.

“When Jesus will come again, I will give him a list of my 500 Facebook Friends who rushed to my inbox to request Imenti House clip but they have not requested Hymnal songs that I usually post,” commented GwakoHorace.