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SNAPPY 7: Sharon Mwangi, Fashion blogger – I’m not a snob, I’m just introvert

Sharon Mwangi, who goes by the name Style by Shary, is a pretty recent addition to the growing list of fashion and style bloggers in Nairobi.

Sharon, who describes herself a lover of all things fashion and aspiring professional stylist, spoke to Nairobi News about her passion for blogging on fashion.

1. Briefly tell us about yourself – I’m a fashion blogger and a student at Daystar University studying Communication with Psychology as a minor. I’m a lover of all things fashion. I have one sibling who is 13 years old. Growing up I was alone and I was a very naughty child.

I went to a primary school in Rongai then I joined State House Girls for my secondary school education.

People have this misconception that I’m a snob, which I’m not. It’s just that I’m a bit quiet and an introvert.

2. Why blogging and what challenges have you faced being a student – I’m a cloth, shoe make-up junky so basically that is one reason why I started blogging to try and channel my hobby into it.

At first it was challenging because there are so many fashion bloggers and I had to set myself apart. But I’m happy because people are now relating to what I do.

Juggling school and blogging is not easy because I attend the Athi River Campus. But I have learnt to schedule my shoots well although school comes first, then when I’m free I do the rest.

3. What is Style by Shary blog and will you one day start your own fashion lineStyle by Shary is basically where you can come and find inspiration. I know a lot of people struggle on what to wear everyday so my blog simply guides you.

No offense about Kenyan fashion designers, but I am extremely frustrated by the quality and service we get from the designers here in Kenya.

I’m thinking and considering of also going into the fashion industry but it will require me to go to a fashion school because I would never want to give my customers mediocre work.

4. Have you ever made any fashion blunder – If I wear something and I think it is embarrassing, I will go to a toilet in the city and change. I really try not to embarrass myself.

5. How good are you in the kitchen – I was supposed to go to culinary school but I ended up in media school. I can throw it down in the kitchen. I can cook, bake, everything, the whole package. I love Ugali very much.

Fashion and style blogger Sharon Mwangi. PHOTO | FRANSOIR NDERITU
Fashion and style blogger Sharon Mwangi. PHOTO | FRANSOIR NDERITU

6. Who inspires you and what is your personal style – I get a lot of advice and inspiration from Sylvia Njoki who is also a fashion blogger. If I ever have any problem blogging-wise I run to her and she also gives me advice because she has been in the industry longer than I have been.

People on social media sometimes tell me to try something out and to me simplicity is the biggest thing for me. When I’m posting you will see me on heels but when I’m home you will find me in casual clothes.

7. Any fashion tips to the ladies and gentlemen out there – To men just don’t try too hard. A lot of Kenyan men just wake up and throw anything on. Fashion industry for men in Kenya is one of the biggest, but you will find that many of them don’t try.

Girls like it when men look nice, smell nice, and your shoes are nice just try and make an effort.

To my fellow ladies, hygiene comes first, smell nice, do your makeup well, say no to bad weaves, say no to panty lines, that’s a no, no, wear what suits your body type.