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SNAPPY 7: Jaymo Ule Msee – My future wife is still being vetted

Wilson Muirania Gathoni, better known as Jaymo Ule Msee is a comedian who started his skits online way back when he was still in college. From having 100 views on YouTube, he now has thousands of views and most of his fans can’t wait to watch what he posts every week.

Nairobi News caught up him to get a glimpse of who Jaymo Ule Msee really is.

1. Who is Jaymo Ule Msee and is he different from Wilson Muirania Gathoni?

Wilson is just an ordinary Kenyan minding his own business, but Jaymo is a comedian who acts in a show under the same name. Jaymo is a crazy person but who loves to entertain Kenyans by telling them normal and everyday life stories from a different angle.

I attended my primary and secondary school in Kiambu and later joined and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics in 2008 from the University of Nairobi.

2. When and how did you get into comedy?

What I can say is comedy was in born to me. Since childhood I was always a naughty child but not the crazy type. In high school I also had a squad which we used to entertain people through pranks and also singing. I never took it seriously until I met a friend of mine called Masai in campus and we used to make people laugh. I never gave up and in 2012 I started doing small skits and posting them online.

When working for Nation Media I started an online show called The Base where we featured upcoming talents and later I started a show called Ujinga Saucer. In 2015 is when we started Jaymo Ule Msee.

3. Where did Jaymo Ule Msee come from?

When we starting doing the show we needed to come up with a good name so we settled on a name that will resonate to many people in the hood. That guy as in Ule msee, there is no way we could settle for Wilson that guy so we went with Jaymo Ule Msee.

4. Are you good in the Kitchen and what is your favorite food?

I love githeri, and I also love goat meat. I buy goat meat and make something called tumbukiza. I do cook, I can give you a list of visitors that I have cooked for and no one has ever complained about my cooking.

5. Are you dating?

Because I operate like a Government, I’m still in the process of vetting who will be my girlfriend, maybe there is someone in the acting capacity who is waiting for confirmation. I’m looking forward to being a family man in the near future. I’m not the one to go leaving evidence everywhere so there is no photocopy of mine out there.

6. What is the most embarrassing moment you have endured?

One day when I was in high school, I dossed off and the teacher asked a question and called out my name to answer it. So I turned to my desk mate who was supposed to have my back to give me the correct answer and with a straight face he told me the answer was Kahawa West.

We were doing literature at the time, reading a short story and the teacher asked were the character in the book died, so I ended up saying Kahawa West which left the whole class in stiches and I ended up being punished.

7. What would you tell people who want to follow on your footsteps?

What I can say is that it’s a journey and you have to keep trying and never give up. The more you do it the more you become experienced.

To anyone who wants to do what I do, I can say they are lucky because it is not like yesteryears when to get equipment was difficult. Nowadays there are phones which can do good videos, go shoot something and post it online and people will comment and tell you if it is good or bad.

You have to start from somewhere, the problem is most young people say I want to be this or that but they never work towards achieving their goals.