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Sizzle in a hot pair of stunnas

Hot, sunny days may be fast fading away, now that the rainy season has began.

However, a cool pair of sunglasses still remains the go-to accessory for the fashion forward.

Available at a price for every budget, the choice of what pair to pick should be guided by the shape of your face.

Buying into popular fads can be a costly affair, and leave you looking anything but fabulous. Understand the shape of your face before investing in a pair.

If you have a heart shaped face- characterised by a large forehead and narrow chin, then big styles will suit you.

These sunglasses work well because they disguise the narrow half of the face, and balance the wider top.

Square shaped faces are defined by a wide square jawline and forehead. For those with this shape, steer clear of very ‘boxy’ angular sunglasses as they will only emphasise the wide lines of your face.

Sunglasses with round curved frames-like the classic aviators will work best for you.

Long faces are narrow, and oversized frames work best for this shape. For women with long faces, think Jackie Onassis and her trademark look and you will also be turning heads!

Round shaped faces are distinguished by full cheeks with a narrow forehead and jaw. Faces with this shape look best with angular shaped sunglasses. These sunglasses chisel full cheeks and elongate the face.
Oval shaped faces really are the sunglass-lotto winners. The oval shape is very proportionate and those who have this shape may pull off a wider range of sunglasses, including softer and angular frames.

When buying a pair, always ensure that you get a pair that will block more than 90 per cent of ultra-violet light.

UV rays damage eyesight, so a good pair will help you keep eye ailments at bay.


A decent pair of sunglasses may set you back a few shillings, but to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase, it boils down to how well you take care of them.

If you buy a designer pair, it will come in a sturdy case that also has a cloth to keep the lenses clean.

If the pair you have is not a brand name and doesn’t have a case, then invest in one, as lenses can easily be scratched or broken when tossed into a laptop bag, or handbag.

Always handle your sunglasses with care and be sure to keep the lenses clean by wiping them before use.

Avoid perching them on top of your head as this widens the frames and in time, may lead to loss of shape, or irreparable damage of the frames.

Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures as this may affect coatings on the lenses such as UV or anti-glare.

Simple cleaning solutions such as liquid soap and lukewarm water will clear off fingerprints and other dirt on lenses and frames.

Always use a microfibre cloth, or a very soft cloth when cleaning, to keep the lenses from getting scratches.

Once lenses are scratched they cannot be buffed out so check with eyewear outlets for microfibre cloths to help in keeping your stunners, stunning!