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Six voices, one prize, who wins?

The curtains will finally come down on the sixth edition of Tusker Project Fame this Sunday, as the winner of the East Africa’s music reality show is crowned. Six acts have so far remained in the academy, out of the original 14.

Battling it out for the top position are Hisia — Tanzania; Patrick — Rwanda; Daisy — Uganda; Nyambura — Kenya; Hope – Burundi and Amos  and Josh  — Kenya.

This will be the beginning of a bright music career for the winner or a dead end as it has been for some of the previous participants.

Singing along

The competition has been very stiff, but Nyambura from Nyeri County has been able to find favour with the audience who unanimously voted her back in the academy when she was on probation.

She is the girl from Nyeri County who is threatening to walk away the victor, owing to her strong personality that compels the judges and her fans to do as she wishes.

This has left many asking what gives her such a big following. Her Kenyan counterparts the ‘dynamic’ duo Amos and Josh have definitely got their game on point.

These boys have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the voices that make a successful music career as well as complimentary looks.

This they proved when they broke the curse of Nameless by doing a rendition of the song ‘Deadly’ that had everyone singing along with them.

“We are humbled by the support we receive from our fans. Our success is the product of hard work and dedication.This is what makes us  unstoppable when we are on stage,” the duo told Nairobi News.

Just across the border to the land of ‘Matoke,’ the timid and not so outspoken Daisy will make you leave all else and listen when she starts singing.

The Ugandan damsel has never been put on probation except for when all the contestants were on probation. She is a a strong contender for the TPF 6 crown.

“This time the competition has been very stiff that I can’t even predict the winner, but I must say that when it comes to talent, Daisy has it with her powerful soulful voice that leaves you enchanted,” a fan of the music reality show told Nairobi News.

Hope from Burundi started out shy but has gained confidence in his skills shocking his detractors. Even with his trademark francophone accent, he still manages to pull off a performance that will either make you sing along or sway your head from side to side when he sings in his native tongue.

Even after five years of keenly following the competition, it is yet to produce a true East African star -leave alone Valery Kimani from season 1 who was able to launch a successful music career after the competitions.

But with what we have seen so far from the remaining contestants  in the show, the fire will surely keep burning even when the lights are turned off in Tusker Project Fame season 6.