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‘Single’ DJ Creme speaks on infidelity, broke, claims

Kenyan disk jockey DJ Crème de la Crème, whose real name is George Njuguna, has opened up on his split with Denise King’ang’i after a 14-year romance.

The renowned media personality, in a recent interview, confirmed the couple had gone their separate ways due to unresolvable issues.

He then made it clear that they are working on certain things with their main focus being on co-parenting.

“Our main agenda is our kids are secure and are okay. I can’t define our relationship, but at the end of the day, we are parents and adults who can handle our stuff,” he said.

The disc jockey and his former partner have hogged headlines in recent times, for their vague yet concerning messages that hinted at their marriage being on the rocks.

In July, the renowned DJ shared a cryptic message that sent his fans straight to the comment section asking questions about his choice of words, deliberating on whether his marriage could be on the verge of collapse.

“It is the past. We are not together for now, but we are working on things,” he said.

Crème, whose sex tape with another lady leaked to the public a few years back, denied infidelity and being broke being the reasons behind their rocky marriage.

“My wife and I don’t fight about women, it was never about that. If we ever fought about women, I would have been affected after the last scandal I had,” he said.

“It was also not about me being broke. If my wife was to leave me because I’m broke she would have not even settled with me since I knew her when I had nothing,” he added.

Crème further reiterated that they are respectful good ‘pals’ when around each other and that they are trying to work things through. “We are just co-parenting,” he said.