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Singer Nyashinski wife Zipporah mourns sister

Rapper Nyashinski’s wife Zipporah ‘Zia’ Jepkemei Bett is mourning the death of her sister.

Via her Instagram stories, she shared short videos and pictures of the deceased when she was still alive.

One of the photos shows her happily dancing to a song at an entertainment joint.

“Dance with the angels @juicydiaries,” posted Zia.

In her previous post, Zia shared that her sister had a serious medical condition called Aplastic Anemia in which the body stops producing enough new blood cells.

Doctors had recommended that Janet undergo a bone marrow transplant.

This prompted the family to issue a financial medical appeal to help raise Sh10 million for the medical expenses.

“In case you may have missed my previous post, Janet is currently in India awaiting treatment for a case of very severe Aplastic Anaemia, which is a rare life-threatening condition in which the body stops producing enough new blood cells The doctors have recommended a bone marrow transplant as the best treatment for this condition,” wrote Zia Bett.