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Simple items that can save motorist’s life

Have you ever had a breakdown at the most crucial and unexpected time?

It could be for any reason like a failed battery, a broken part or a failed transmission. That is the moment you start thinking of where to get help.

If your insurance company is the type that offers highway rescue then you might be lucky. If your car is still under warranty, you are lucky too. How about those of us who do not enjoy such privileges?

I have some advice for you: a pair of battery jumpers, a spotlight and a towrope will come in handy in such situations. When you car is new, you tend to ignore such items because you hardly ever encounter breakdowns.

How many times do you walk past these items in supermarkets and ignore them? How many times do street hawkers beg us to buy them and all we do is give them a blank look?


Jumper cables
Jumper cables

Battery breakdowns are some of the most common breakdowns and can happen at unexpected times and places.

It is worse when you drive an automatic transmission vehicle because you cannot push it to crank over the engine.

You will find that most motorists who will stop by to help do not have a pair of jumpers cables.

Since you do not have a pair of your own, you are forced to wait until someone who has them comes along to help.

In such moments you will wish you had a towrope, if not the cables. At least any willing motorist can tow you to a place where you can get help.

Dead phone

Imagine that your car breaks down at midnight on a highway seldom used by motorists. Your phone is dead and the only source of light is the moon. At that moment you will recall how hawkers begged you to buy a simple spotlight that cost only Sh50.

If you only had it, you could have a clue by visual inspection of  what the problem under your bonnet could be.

In the event of a breakdown, try and move your vehicle to a safer place off the road so that you don’t obstruct or endanger other road users. You should know that a delayed response can also put your life in danger, so it is good to keep at least one emergency number handy.

Give details about your whereabouts if you are able to call an emergency service. However good or tech-savvy you are, some breakdowns are not a one-man job and you will need a helping hand.

Breakdowns are so often unavoidable and always inconvenient, however, there are precautions you can take to keep the situation less stressful.

Items such as a spotlight, a towrope and jumper cables might just save your life or at least help you get back on the road without much disruption.