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Shoe sellers take over stalls on CBD streets

On Ronald Ngala Street as you head towards the OTC stage is a chaotic display of buses fighting to pick passengers headed to Githurai.

Amidst honking and a sea of humanity are countless stalls displaying thousands of shoes.

Stall owners compete for attention with their noisy neighbours.

“Window-shopping ni bure (is free). Come and sample the shoe for you!,” loud voices ring out.

Many stalls in the city have been converted into shoe parlours.

“The shoe defines one’s character. Everybody who wants to look good has to invest in shoes and that is why we have many customers,” said Peter Njau, a seller.

But why are so many jostling for space in a single stall?

“Price matters here. We know what the consumer wants and at what price. Shoes in the other shops are very expensive,” said Mr Njau.

A pair of shoes on the Ronald Ngala Street on average goes for Sh1,600 although a client can bargain. Cheaper shoes are shipped from Dubai.

Stalls on Tom Mboya Street have been taken over by shoe traders. In fact, three buildings have floors completely occupied by the trade.