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I was ‘shocked’ by #EricOmondiChallenge, comedian claims

Comedian Eric Omondi claims he was “shocked” when the #EricOmondiChallenge began trending on social media, saying he didn’t notice how embarrassing the photo was when he posted it.

The photo in question, shows the comedian seated beside his Italian girlfriend Chantal Grazilioli. Eric is bare-chested and in a pair of orange shorts while Chantal is in a see-through dress.

However, what caught the attention of Eric’s followers in social media was the tell-tale ‘bulge’ of his nether regions on his shorts.

The reaction was spontaneous on social media as the ever witty Kenyans quickly came up the #EricOmondiChallenge that has been trending.


But in an interview with a local daily, Eric said he only realized the ‘anomaly’ in the photo after it created a buzz among his followers on Instagram.

“No it (the photo) wasn’t international. I innocently posted the picture and four minutes after it went online, I noticed that I was receiving alot of comments on it. I logged in to check the Instagram users feedback. It is then that I realized that a part of my manhood was showing through my pair of shorts,” Eric said.

The comedian, who boasts a million-plus followers on Instagram, added that he ‘contemplated’ deleting the photo altogether, but chose not to, because one cannot ‘correct God’s work.’

Eric’s explanation has however not stopped the public from sharing interesting memes of the #ErickOmondiChallenge.