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Shameless bodabodas strip woman naked

A woman was on Saturday stripped naked by bodaboda operators at a supermarket parking area in Kitengela due to what they claim was indecent dressing.

The woman, who drove at the supermarket at around midday, wore a mini-skirt.

“Kusema ukweli huyo mama alikuwa uchi, nikumsaidia tulimsaidia.(In fact that woman was nude, we just helped her ),” said Fred Kimani a motorcyclist.

Three motorcyclists had spotted the woman as she entered the supermarket alerted their colleagues.

They confronted her as she left the supermarket and tore her miniskirt.

Shaken, the woman got into her saloon car drove off towards Milimani area.

The Bodaboda motorcyclists and matatu conductors in Kitengela have stripped five women so far this year.

The police have never made arrests in each of the incidents.