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School matron wins Sh1 million in Angukia Chapaa promotion

A 30 year -old school matron from Meru is the latest winner in the ongoing Angukia Chapaa promotion.

Ms Josline Mbaya became the third winner of the sh1 million weekly draw on Friday.

“I will keep playing this promotion until I take home the sh30 million (grand prize) home,” she told Nairobi News.

Ms Mbaya said this was her second win in a promotion, having also won sh100,00 earlier in the year in a different promotion.

“I started playing this promotion since its inception and I will continue to play every day.”

She said she will still continue working at the school as a matron while thinking on the kind of investment she will start.

Angukia Chapaa is a prize competition any Kenyan above the age of 18 years can participate in. Participants register by sending the word START to 29009 SMS which cost Sh19.

After registering, participants have to answer at least three simple questions, though you can answer as many questions as you wish.

The promotion started on June 20th and winners are announced every evening on NTV at 9pm.

There are two winners of sh2900 every hour and one winner of sh75,000 daily.

At the end of the week one lucky person will walk away with Sh1 million. Each month there will also be a winner of Sh5 million and the grand winner will pocket Sh30 million.