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Serial killer’s taped confession shocks Nairobi court

A video tape in which self-confessed serial killer Phillip Onyacha recounts his murder spree that spawn across Kenya’ major towns was played in a courtroom in Nairobi on Wednesday.

In the two hour recording played before trial judge Nicholas Ombija, Mr Onyancha reveals his ‘darker side’ of craving human blood which he says could only be gratified with a forced sexual encounter and  strangulation of his victim(s).

Mr Onyancha is on trial for the kidnap and murder of a nine year old boy whose decomposed body was found in a thicket in Lenana on April 5 2010 after he allegedly demanded ransom from his parents.

A police officer , Mr Benjamin Mwaliko, who recorded the confession presented the video which was marked and admitted at an exhibit in the case.

In the video, the suspect appears seated next to the officer and handcuffed from behind, speaking in flawless Kiswahili.

He says that a female teacher initiated him into the occult and confesses of drinking blood from his subdued victims in later life after he was employed as a security guard in Naivasha before he was transferred to work in Nairobi.

He also recounts of numerous murders he committed while working in  Nyeri.


At one time, Mr Onyanch tells the detective that once seized by spirits he could stupefy his victims, mainly women and boys,  by mere eye contact before taking them into lodgings or into the bush where he defiled, murdered and drank their blood.

He recounts of a murder of a young boy be he committed in Naivasha and how he later saw the child’s desperate parents on TV asking for the whereabouts of their son whose hidden body was decomposing in a thicket.

Onyancha, in the tape, also recounts of a macabre murder of a woman he committed in Karen, Nairobi. He said he subdued the woman with his ‘supernatural’ ability and carried her to the roof ceiling of a building he was guarding where he raped and later killed her.

“I drank her blood and stashed her body in the ceiling where it lay for about a month,” the suspect confesses in the video.

He states that thereafter  he could “easily disassociate himself from the act” as the feeling wore off before he could stalk his next victim.

In the tape he also confesses that he was on a mission of killing a 100 people before he was arrested after committing 17 murders.

A team of defence lawyers though opposed to the production of the tape stating that it was not made in ‘standard procedure’ as required in law to be admitted as evidence in the murder case.

The prosecution however, said the tape was not the only evidence against the suspect but wanted the court to acquit itself with the ‘character of Onyancha.’ Two more prosecution witnesses are expected to testify on Thursday.