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Separated conjoined twins celebrate third birthday

Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi, the conjoined twins who were separated during a first of a kind surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in November 2016, have turned 3 years old.

The twins celebrated their third birthday on Friday. Babies Blessing and Favour had celebrated their first and second birthday conjoined while they were still admitted at KNH.

The two girls made history in Kenya after KNH Specialised Surgical Pediatrics Ward separated the conjoined twins’ spines and lower back which had fused such that, although each had her own gut, they shared the anus and genitals on September 5, 2014.

The children were discharged on 15th June 2017 following a successful separation and left to their ancestral home in Meru County for the first time after spending three (3) years in the hospital.

Babies Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi during their birthday. PHOTO | COURTESY,
Babies Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi during their birthday. PHOTO | COURTESY,


But on Friday was a day of great joy for family, friends and relatives who attended the birthday ceremony in Tutua village, Meru County.

The birthday coincided with a visit by the KNH who were making follow-up and assessment on the condition of the children post discharge.

The mother of the twins, Ms Caroline Mukiri, extended her heartfelt gratitude to management and staff of KNH for the unwavering support extended to her and the children.


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“I am indebted to KNH family because had it not for you, it would not have been an easy journey. When we were discharged, I was worried of the life out of hospital where I had spent more than two years and I was not sure how my relatives and friends would receive me,” she said.

The two babies will remain under doctors monitoring and follow-up to ensure successful healing and recovery process.