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See what Rongai matatu crew did to this man inside their vehicle – PHOTOS

A man is nursing wounds after what he claims was an attack by touts inside a Rongai bound matatu last week at night.

Bernard Chege had travelled to Nairobi from Kericho last Friday to attend a job interview. He boarded the Rongai bound matatu at around 11pm and says all was well until they reached the Barclays stage in Rongai.

That’s when one touts in the vehicle turned on him and tried to rob him of his valuables.

Mr Chege decided to confront the man, who in turn bit his  upper lip. The tout sunk his teeth tightly on Mr Chege’s lip and made sure he chewed off a chunk of it, causing him to start bleeding profusely.

“It was around 11pm. When they reached Barclays stage in Rongai one of the makanga tried to put his hand on my brother’s pocket but my brother noticed and confronted him… but the makanga got mad and bit my brother’s upper lip mpaka akamkata nyama,” said Jane Wanjiku,  Mr Chege’s sister who narrated the story to Nairobi News through phone.



The driver of the vehicle together with the tout and conductor then threw Mr Chege off the vehicle after they had robbed him of his phone and money.

Luckily for Mr Chege he was able to memorize the vehicle’s registration number, and while still reeling from the pain, managed to walk to Rongai police station to report the incident.

His sister narrated how when Mr Chege arrived at the police station with a bleeding lip the officer in charge was reluctant to offer assistance and told him to go to hospital first.

“He headed to the station to report but the madam who was there sent him away, refusing to book his story. But the officer who was Manning the entrance intervened and the case was booked,” said Ms Wanjiku.

A friend who was familiar with the matatu, called the driver of the vehicle to verify the claims. A few minutes after the phone call, the driver and conductor arrived at the clinic where Mr Chege was being treated.


They were not accompanied by the tout who bit Mr Chege’s lip.


The two agreed to pay for the hospital bill and returned the stolen phone.

“I want justice for my brother. Why did he (driver) volunteer if he doesn’t know the makanga who bit my bro? And why did they return his phone? The driver must be arrested to produce the makanga since he knows him,”

She continued; “it seems these drivers are collaborating with thieves to harass and steal from their customers.”