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Secret lover disrupts wedding dressed in similar gown to the bride’s – VIDEO

A video of a bitter woman who disrupted her lover’s wedding dressed in a similar gown as the bride has taken the internet by storm.

The incident believed to have taken place in Ghana was filmed by a guest using a smartphone and shared with Ghanaian online media outlets.

According to Ghana AudioVisual News, who first shared the viral video, a fight later broke out in the hall.

The woman can be seen in the video storming into the hall dressed in a white gown complete with a veil.


A man tries to stop her from coming near the bride and groom as the guests shout.

The news outlet reported that the woman took the microphone and addressed the guests accusing the groom of being a cheat.

She spoke in the local dialect and accused the groom of having too many girlfriends and promising to marry each of them on separate occasions.

Here is the video from one of the YouTube users who reposted it: