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Search for house help who infected boy, 7, with STI on

Police are looking for a house help who allegedly sexually assaulted a seven-year-old boy and possibly infected him with a sexually transmitted disease.(READ:Househelp infected my son with an STI )

The search has, however, been made difficult by the fact that the boy’s parents don’t have the full name of the woman who had lived with them since February.

“She told me she was called Naomi and that she was from Kisii but was yet to be issued with an ID to enable me counter check her details. “I did not have any reasons to doubt her as she looked very responsible,” said the boy’s mother.

Doctors at the Aga Khan Hospital diagnosed the boy and put him on medication.

The mother only got concerned after her son started complaining of pain when passing urine.

It took several tests to confirm the infection but by then the house help had requested for permission to travel upcountry to see her five children.