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Sean Paul refutes story on loss of phone in Nairobi

Jamaican dancehall sensation Sean Paul has disputed years-old claim that he lost an expensive phone during a performance at the Carnivore Simba Saloon in Nairobi in 2004.

The musician took to his Instagram page to refute a story on a Kenya blog, which claimed that he lost his phone when someone removed it from his pockets as he was carried by his fans during the performance.

Here’s is Sean Paul’s post, which is littered with grammatical errors: “rrr!!! habari yenu!!! jus want 2let my kenyan peeps kno that this headline is totally false!!! i was never “robed” in kenya!!! i actually left my phone some wher while i was ther!!! so really it was me who “lost”it!!! an this was a verry looooongtime ago!!! dont listen 2 rumers an rubish!!! 4 any real news bout me follow or ask me right here on ig an twitter!!! goin 2 post the link 2 this verry untrue story about me in kenya on my twitter now!!! check it out but doe belive the lies!!! blessings!!! rrr!!!”

So what is the truth? Simple. He lost his phone but not during the performance. He lost it while checking out at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on his way to Dar es Salaam.

Sean Paul at the time claimed that he lost his phone that contained very important data and contacts of other celebrities including that of multi-Grammy award winner Beyonce Knowles.


In fact, the story of Sean Paul’s missing cell phone is juicier than is being told.

An appeal by his then tour manager Mr Jerome Hamilton, and promoters for information on the whereabouts of the cell phone drew interesting reactions from the public, many of them hoaxes.

One caller who claimed to know the whereabouts of the lost Nokia 3650 made only one condition to the promoters – he would only give them the information he had if he was given Beyonce’s cell phone, who he claimed was confident Sean Paul “knows very well”.

DS Njoroge told Daily Nation back in 2004: “He gave us two appointments but on both occasions failed to turn up where we had agreed to meet on Tuesday.”

Another caller who was allegedly working at the JKIA’s cargo handling section even convinced Njoroge to send him airtime to his cell-phone and then sent them scampering to the airport for yet another appointment, only to realise that it was another hoax.

This particular caller had also assured them that he could direct them to a spot at the airport where they would find the cell-phone.

“Others simply requested for money before they took any I steps in assisting to recover the phone,” Njoroge said.