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Scare at UoN after power surge causes hostel fire

Tension reigned at University of Nairobi after a fire broke out at a students’ hostel on Thursday noon.

The fire started in a room on the third floor of Hall 12 after an electrical malfunction suspected to have been caused by a power surge.

“There was a blackout at the university around 9 a.m and when the power returned there was an electrical malfunction that led to fire exploding,” said the University’s communication officer Mr Muturi explained.

He said that there were no casualties because the fire was contained immediately.

He added that the fire only burnt one of the rooms although the smoke spread to the floors upstairs, blackening them.

“The fire only destroyed one of the rooms, but the smoke spread to the other floor blackening them. Fortunately none of the students was hurt,” said Mr Muturi.

“By the time Nairobi City fire brigade arrived the fire had been contained because it was a small fire,” he added.