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Sarahah: All you need to know about anonymous messaging app

Do you have a secret admirer that you wish to open your heart to without giving away your identity?

Or perhaps you are looking for a way to anonymously tell someone how boring or attention seeking you think they are? Well, there is an app that allows you to do that unidentified.

Sarahah which means honesty in Arabic is an app that was developed by Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia in 2016 with an intention to receive an honest feedback from people, anonymously.

Over the months, it has risen to become one of the most downloaded apps in both play store and Apple App Store.

It is the new craze among the young people in Kenya.

What makes it so popular?

According to one of the users “It is the amusement of anonymously sending messages to someone who has signed up with the app. The app does not filter messages so you can send any type of message you want be it rude, polite, insulting or complimentary. The user has the option to like the message by pressing the heart button or blocking the sender. However, he or she cannot reply to the messages sent. ”

The app has also become popular on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook because people can integrate their Sarahah profiles to the said platforms.

How it works

The first step is downloading the Sarahah app from Google Play Store and setting up an account. You will then be prompted to input your username, name, email and a password.

Once logged in, you can link the profile to your different social media platforms and anyone who has the link can send you a message.

If you wish to link it with your Facebook account, go to your Facebook profile, click edit profile then click on edit your about info. Click on the contact info edit then click on add the website. Type in username and click on save button.


To protect your privacy as a user, you can opt not to appear in Sarahah search users list.

To send a message to another user, go to the Sarahah app messaging box, write the message and press the send button.

Another user who deleted her account after receiving body shaming messages warns that this could be the recent platform for cyber bullying. “Unless you are audaciously bold, steer clear the app,” She warns.