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Sakata winners speak out

The just concluded Sakata Season 4 dance competition wowed the crowd.

The Everlast group was named the best dance group of 2013.

The team comprising Jackson Rakam, Geoffrey Babu, Jeff, Geoffrey Owino, Denis Baraza, Josial Muchiri and Hawkins Wesonga, speak about their journey to the top.

This wasn’t your first time in Sakata. What did you do right this time round?

We participated in seaonss 2 and 3. During Season 3 we were placed third.

Our experience in the previous contests gave us an edge over our competitors.

We aso had a unique dancing style called Stamina. Besides, we invested in new costumes which earn you points as well.

How did you guys meet? 

We all come from Busia. We met in 2009 where we started dancing at the YMCA. We thank the YMCA for lending us a place to do our rehearsals.

We later got a chance to entertain at Boda Palace in Busia during jam session. That is how we became famous in Busia.

How did you convince your parents to encourage your dancing since you are all still young?

It wasn’t easy, but the fact that we took part in competitions and won prizes some of them household, I think with that we managed to win them over slowly. Now they back us 110 per cent .

How did you join Sakata?

One day we were invited to curtain raise for Wyre the Love Child who was performing in Busia.

He was so impressed that later, he asked us to try out in the Sakata competition.

Our biggest challenge then was getting funds, but somehow we got money from our parents to take part in the competition. That is how we made it to Sakata.

How was your first time experience in Nairobi?

It was both frightening and good. The first thing that shocked us was the loud music played in matatus that make you think you are in a club.

We also got lost a few times trying to get to a place which was a nice experience.

What are your plans for the Sh1 million prize?

We will invest in various businesses. We also want to start a centre in Busia to teach other youths interested in dancing.

What next?

First, we will return home where the Busia County governor has promised us a homecoming party. We also plan to release our first single called Stamina.

Parting shot?

Work hard because nothing comes easy. We believe that if you kneel before God you can stand before men.