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Sakaja enjoyed lunch with Grogan mechanics and Facebook can’t cope

Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful Johnson Sakaja on Tuesday took a walk to enjoy his lunch at Grogon garage, only to receive a massive backlash from Facebook users.

The barrage of criticism started after Sakaja posted photos on his social media accounts of his lunch moments with mechanics at a kibanda.

The nominated MP captioned the photos; “Enjoyed interacting with these great Nairobians when I took a walk downtown to Grogan for lunch. Tuko Pamoja ‪#‎iamnairobi.”

Facebook users faulted him of using an old trick of trying to woe hustlers to vote for him after neglecting them for years.

Katereggah Barasa S. Wakapisi commented; “So time ya kura ndio mnakumbuka maSUFFERER.…but one thing you need to know Kidero is going to re-elected…”

Anthony Maina added; “…ati grogon for lunch….manze saa zile mnawinda kura ndo nyi hujifanya kuInteract na maSufferer!!!…hii kitu ni ya Sonko, at least ye amekuwanga na sisi maSufferer since way back then. Fanya ivi msee….go after the Nairobi senatorial seat, tutakupa kura Sakaja.”

Some users faulted elected leaders for using wananchi to obtain votes and disappearing once elected in office.

Victor Mutua commented; “I’m still waiting to see something new with our old and young terk politicians….hii mambo yote kutembeleamasafara” kumingle na wasee wa ghetto or lower earning class kila politician anaomba kura ufanya,Kidero ,Sonko,shebesh even Rais na DP walifanya but immediately after kuget votes…..wanapotea.”

Another user Jo Sey added; “Thats is nonsense wakati wa uchaguzi ndo mnakuja where were you 2013 upto to now tena umefanyia Wananchi kazi gani ndio wakupee kura zao #TUSIBEBWE UFALA.”

Since announcing his interest in the Nairobi governor seat, Sakaja has been traversing the county to meet residents.

He has also launched an online platform aimed at obtaining data of residents who wish to help out or be part of his campaign team.