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Saitoti kin sought over Sh900k bill

Police are looking for the estranged wife of a police service commissioner who has racked up accommodation bills totalling nearly Sh2 million.

Mrs Grace Musengi is the wife of National Police Service commissioner Ronald Musengi, the younger brother of the late Prof George Saitoti.

She has been staying for two months at Tamasha Restaurant in Karen with her two daughters.

The restaurant complained to police that she issued a cheque for Sh850,000 before disappearing last Tuesday — and payment was refused by the bank.

The account is in her husband’s name and he reportedly refused to sanction payment.

CID officers have a warrant of arrest for her based on a previous unpaid bill of Sh800,000 at House of Waine, next door to Tamasha.

“She didn’t want to use her own vehicle so we had also given her a rental car which she left with. For now, we are holding her Range Rover until the bill is settled,” said Ms Magdalene Mbugua, the Tamasha MD.

Her vehicle with its tires deflated has been at the restaurant since early February when she checked in.

Earlier that month Mrs Kina accused her husband of trying to commit her to a mental hospital, saying it was a ploy by him to gain custody of their children following recurrent domestic troubles.

“I’ve had to endure beyond imaginable domestic violence. For the last 10 years I’ve left with my children many times but I’ve always been intimidated to go back. I have to turn off my phone because all my movements are tracked,” she said then.

Attempts to reach Mrs Kina proved futile as her phone was turned off.